fio-1.2 writing bw_log

From: walter harms <>
Date: Thu, 01 May 2008 12:34:06 +0200

hi list,
i was playing with fio-1.2 and was unable to write my bw_log.

what i did:

1. removed the [/dev/sdb] from examples/disk-zone-profile and renamed it disk-zone-profile.2
2. i run
    ./fio --name="/dev/sdc" examples/disk-zone-profile.2
 with long options --write_bw_log with short options -w or -b etc. no success at all
 also the disk-zone-profile.2 contained the option write_bw_log no change.

after i switched the internal variable in init.c to 1 the files was written.

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