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From: Jenkins, Lee <>
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2008 19:27:24 +0000

I'd like to propose a stats-log option for fio. The log would contain the statistics that appear on stdout but in a tabular form where each line (row) represents a job and the stats are delimited (user-specifiable, comma by default). The first line of the stats file could contain column headers for parser identification. For example:

job name,iodepth,iops,read iops,write iops,bw,read bw,write bw,avg lat,avg read lat,avg write lat,max lat,max read lat,max write lat, ...etc.

Yes, I know this can be done by applying a filter to stdout -- I have actaully already written a perl filter that does just that. However, when stdout is redirected there is no on-screen notification of test progress or current stats. On-screen display is quite handy when you want to spot-check bw rates on job-batches that take several hours to complete. This is the real essence of this proposal: simultaneous on-screen and log-file recording of statistics. I used tee, but there is still no real-time indication of the data rate, or even which job is running.

Also, I'd like to request that all the stats be displayed as floating-point real numbers. Some are currently integers (iops, max latency, etc.), which is fine when there are several digits but not for single-digit values.

Lee Jenkins
HP Server Storage Performance
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