Re: fi massive testing

From: Joshua Root <>
Date: Wed, 05 Mar 2008 18:57:35 +1100

Zhang, Yanmin wrote:
> Do you have any recommendations about the job file which could simulate application
> models?

If you're interested in simulating the workload as seen at the block
layer, I have a script that will generate an fio job that approximates
the workload seen in a blktrace. There's a download link here:

As that page indicates, the primary purpose of the package is a little
different, and I just added the fio job creation recently. You first
need to run on your blktrace files as described in the first
paragraph of the README. But then, instead of, you want to
run like so (which requires SciPy to be installed):

./ -i OPFILE -f > output.job

You'll probably want to change a few of the values in the global section.

Most of the aspects of the workload are reproduced pretty well. Some
parts are still a little rough though; like the queue depth and
thinktime (they end up really huge sometimes, so I artificially cap
them). Sync vs async also doesn't work (everything ends up as async).
Same with priorities.


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